January Recap- Restaurant Industry News

January Recap- Restaurant Industry News

As we reflect on 2021 and move fully into the New Year, one hopes for an easier, healthier, more profitable year ahead. Cheetah works to bring you the most important breaking industry news so that you can thrive this year. Boost your profit, plan your inventory, reduce food waste, and overcome the labor shortage with help from Cheetah! 

Unfortunately Omicron and severe labor and supply chain shortages have thrown a serious curveball to restaurant owners across the country. Many have found that their dine-in patronage has dropped, or that it hasn’t and you don’t have the staff nor supplies to serve them. You’re most certainly not alone if you’ve had to shutter your doors due to some unforeseen shortage. As Omicron peaks nationwide, we are reticently hopeful for a more stable spring time. City officials have made no indication that they will move toward another lockdown at this time. On that front restaurant owners can relax.

In order to combat hiring shortages, help you retain current clients and even increase lifetime customer value we have teamed up with some excellent companies in the Cheetah Coalition. These resources are strategic partnerships we’ve made to help our customers find success in all areas of their restaurant operation!


At Cheetah we have focused on adding hundreds of products to our Marketplace, bringing small, specialty vendors to restaurants across the Bay Area. In 2021 Cheetah added 500 new specialty, local products to our catalog! 

As the world continues to make restaurant operations difficult, Cheetah will continue to support restaurants with excellent food and supplies, industry knowledge and learning opportunities like our webinar and blogs.

This month Cheetah got in touch with some of the area’s restaurateurs leading the industry in community involvement and sustainability. Check out our chat with these industry mavericks to understand why they invest so heavily in their community and the environment and how it helps their bottom line! 


Though the start to the year has shown unprecedented Covid cases, we remain hopeful that this year will bring more opportunity, stability, and profitability to the restaurant industry. City officials have been quickly responding with changes to local vacancy taxes for landlords and further building allowances in previously barred parts of San Francisco. These trends show that finding one’s new restaurant home might become significantly easier. 

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