3 Things Your Customers Need to Hear Right Now

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3 Things Your Customers Need to Hear Right Now

In uncertain times, it’s good to have a friend in the business. That’s why our team of industry veterans are putting together this series of tips, resources, and advice from around the restaurant world.
It’s Cheetah’s mission to help you make it through the current COVID-19 crisis and beyond. Follow along as we try to keep up with ongoing developments.

Restaurants are usually pillars of their communities, which means the coronavirus has really hit people where it hurts. Since the outbreak, the association of crowded spaces, food and thoughts of sanitation have made people particularly anxious about eating out. And as if that weren’t enough, fears of dining out were confirmed earlier this week as the mayor of LA ordered all bars, nightclubs and dine-in restaurants to close to the public until further notice.

As the world is getting ready to go into partial or complete lock down over the COVID-19 pandemic, people are hungry for reassurance. It’s now up to business owners to reach out to customers to assure them that they are working to address the situation and quiet their minds about the weeks to come. Here are the 4 things your customers are desperate to hear from you.We Know You’re Scared

Acknowledge your customers’ fears and concerns about the coronavirus. Let them know you understand how they feel and that you sympathize with them. These are uncertain times and the impact COVID-19 is having on communities is constantly growing. Sending out a reassuring message is the best way to make people see the light at the end of the tunnel.

“Here’s What We’re Doing to Protect You”

Ensure customers that you are continuing to monitor the situation closely and that you are taking steps to keep them safe. Let them know that the health and safety of both staff and diners is your top priority by detailing the sanitation plan at the restaurant and upholding social distancing guidelines for takeout and delivery services. Post guide signs advising takeout visitors to maintain safe distance and practice good hygiene.

Keep Calm and Dine Out

“Coronavirus Is Not Transmitted by Food”

The World Health Organization (WHO), the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and health departments all over the globe are repeatedly saying that COVID-19 is not transmitted by food. Restaurants that take additional steps out of abundance of caution and maintain the highest level of sanitation are absolutely a safe place to order food from.

“Restaurants are the safest places other than your own kitchen” 

— National Restaurant Association


“Thank You!”

Let customers know you appreciate their patience as you navigate through this difficult time together. Tell them your top priority has always been to provide diners with a safe, comforting and delicious meal, and that you do not intend to stop now. Thank those who are willing to place their trust in you and tell those that are afraid to order takeout food that they will be welcome with open arms whenever they’re ready.

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