A New Chapter for Cheetah

A New Chapter for Cheetah

The same dedication and grit of the Cheetah you already know, but now with a rallying cry for our vision. Over the past several months we’ve co-created a new brand identity with Moving Brands, and this is just the beginning of something very special. We are excited to share the results today with you – our valuable customers, employees, partners, investors, advisors and friends.

What’s changed

Restaurant Cheetah launched operations in 2016 as a local partner to San Francisco’s independent restaurant operators. Our goal from day one was to offer transparent pricing and affordable delivery of supplies to every business owner. We worked in restaurants, and know just how much you guys carry on your shoulders; we’ve been driven by the ideal of taking some of that burden away. Simply: if you need anything, we’ll get that for you.

While most of our customers are independent restaurants, we’ve been approached by other businesses who asked to get their daily supplies delivered by Cheetah: care homes, gas stations, mom & pop shops, and many other independent businesses. So we are now Cheetah – and we’ve got your back.

Our new logo personifies the name of the brand by playfully bringing to life the natural characteristics of the cheetah. Its speed and form are delivered in a warm and engaging manner.

Our new app icon

We use the tail to add personality and moments of wit

We want our brand to be

Candid – Communicating Integrity
Conversational – Communicating Accessibility
Determined – Communicating Tenacity

Communicates Integrity

Communicates Accessibility

Communicates Tenacity

Why we changed

After iteration and testing, we landed on a brand that embodies the spirit of our company and vision of the new world we are creating for independent business owners.

Our previous design system was a tried and true bold representation of what we are – but there were some drawbacks.

Our colors were hard to work with: Yellow and black are hard to incorporate into digital applications – especially those that are e-commerce focused.

Our app icon was generic: It was hard to differentiate ourselves from the sea of same.

It was hard to build new features: We often ran into difficulties creating user experiences that bring freshness and innovation to the market.

Our process

We worked with a world class agency, Moving Brands, to bring our vision to light.

We started with our name and our obsession with creating genuine value for customers and breaking the status quo.

We spoke with our customers and employees, created a set of principles as a foundation for our brand, and aligned on a creative direction.

We are as inspired and determined as ever to help independent small businesses succeed, and will be rolling out the new identity and design over the next few months. Onwards and upwards.

Na’ama Moran
Co-Founder & CEO

Christopher Elliott
Co-Founder & COO

Alon Har-Tal
Co-Founder & CTO

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