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Who we are

Cheetah is the first restaurant supply app, providing the simplest, most affordable way for restaurants to get their daily supplies. We delivered our first orders in 2015 and have grown to become the service that thousands of restaurants rely on for everything they need in order to run their business. Cheetah is founded and run by food industry veterans, supply chain and logistics experts, chefs, engineers, and data scientists who have come together in their mission to empower restaurateurs and help their business thrive.

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Who are our

Our customers are small foodservice business owners: restaurants, cafes, bars, caterers, food makers, and food trucks, who are passionate about their craft and the flavor of their dishes. They work tirelessly every day to create the diverse culinary culture that we all enjoy and cherish. Our mission is to help our customers thrive, by supplying them with everything they need to run their business, with our Restaurant Supply App.

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