Black Lives Matter – Our Response and Action


Black Lives Matter – Our Response and Action


To All Our Valued Customers and Partners,

The unbearable death of George Floyd and the ongoing civil unrest following his murder are wake up calls for us to look closely at our core values and hopes for the future. Now is no longer a time for reflection, it is time for action.

One of the most important values at Cheetah is to improve the lives of our employees and customers. Now more than ever, we stand by our Black and Minority employees, customers, and partners. We hear you, we feel your pain and we have your back. We are committed to fighting this fight with you and will not be silent to racial inequality and injustice.

Cheetah will donate $10,000 to two organizations:
Black Lives Matter, fighting racial inequality and promoting grass-roots movements; and So Oakland’s fundraiser for Rebuilding Oakland Black Businesses. So Oakland is a local non-profit raising funds to support Black-owned businesses who have been hurt by COVID-19, the recent riots, and looting. In addition, we will match employees’ donations to these organizations up to $50,000.

Lastly, we are creating the Cheetah inclusion policy that lays out a framework to increase inclusion of Black people and Minorities in our organization.

Cheetah’s mission has always been to help communities thrive. With this action, we pledge to help stop the systemic injustices that have plagued our communities for so long.


Na'ama Moran

Na’ama Moran, CEO

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