Cheetah Plus Offers Amazing Deals to Member Restaurants

Cheetah Plus Offers Amazing Deals to Member Restaurants

Thousands of restaurant operators across San Francisco and the Bay Area are already working with Cheetah. Why? Because our products are fresh, our deliveries are on time and we always have our customers’ interest top of mind. 

Now, Cheetah Plus gives customers even more. Sign up today to work with the only restaurant supplier that offers competitive prices, excellent customer service, cash back on every purchase, access to discounts, gifts and perks through our many partners and much more!  

Not sure if you should join? Here’s everything you’ll gain by signing up.

Credit Back on Every Order

The Cheetah Plus membership saves you money on every order. Members get 2% cashback on orders above $20,000 a month, and 1% for anything less than that. They also don’t pay credit card fees for any size order. 

And, unlike most membership programs, you don’t have to wait until the end of the year to get your rewards. Cheetah Plus accrues your monthly cash back and discounts your next month’s order. Pronto! 

Let’s do the math! Say you order $5,000 worth of food and supplies via Cheetah. That means you’ll get a 1% cashback and save about 3% in credit card fee. That’s a $200 discount as early as the following month.

Cash back on every order

Join Cheetah Plus directly from your Cheetah app

Partner Up with Suppliers You Can Trust

We like to say that we bring more to the plate than simply the best supplies. So much so that we’ve analyzed the market and curated the best providers that can help you elevate your game. We’re bringing more partners onboard constantly and so far we selected companies to help you with website design, online menu, merchandising, online reviews, etc. 

And if you are a Cheetah Plus member, you get a special deal from those partners – either a discount or a cash back.

Check out the Cheetah Coalition for a full list of our trusted partners.

Same Day Pick Up and Delivery

The restaurant business can be unpredictable. A dish can become a best-seller overnight and you’re suddenly out of stock. Or maybe a supplier stood you up. We know you need a partner that’s always there for you.  

With the Cheetah Plus membership we’ve got your back with two more special services. 

  1. Enjoy same day pickup from our warehouses in Pleasanton. Simply place an order and come over.
  2. Get 4 mini deliveries under $500 a month free of charge.

Discover Our Sign Up Perks

Each new Cheetah Plus member gets a special welcome kit and customized gifts for your staff.

We also run a grand prize raffle every quarter where 1 Cheetah Plus member can win $1,000 toward their next order!

As regular Cheetah members you’re already getting stellar service from the Bay Area’s most honest and transparent distributor. A Cheetah PLUS membership will take you the extra mile. It pays for itself and you can cancel at any time, no strings attached. 

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