Cheetah Product Catalog – Now Available on your Browser

Cheetah Product Catalog – Now Available on your Browser

Getting to know what Cheetah offers is getting even easier. Our new online product catalog is now live and showcases all of Cheetah’s products on our website, with high-res pictures and detailed descriptions. 

We created the online catalog for those of you in the Bay Area who don’t already have our app. Spanning a full selection, across 14 departments from Bakery and Beverages to Deli and Disposables, our 2500 products have got your everyday and special needs covered.

Why Now

Our thousands of customers in the Bay Area know that Cheetah is a new type of wholesale supplier, digital and transparent. Recent feedback reflected that many restaurant owners wish to know our inventory before downloading our app order on the computer, and not with our app on a mobile phone or tablet. So we set out to make it happen. 

Cheetah is an extensive, sophisticated, easy-to-use app that transforms the world of wholesale restaurant supply. Turning that custom-made technology system into a web version is not an easy task. We will get there but it will take a little time- the first version is already live!

At this point, customers won’t be able to order directly from the web catalog. You can, however, browse our whole selection of products, add them to your list and one of our devoted reps will then be in touch. We will then do whatever it takes to get you set up for a new and improved wholesale supply experience.

How It Works

With the new online catalog you can browse all available restaurant supplies and see our products, no sign up details required. 

If you’re interested in getting a price quotation for a specific selection of products, just click the ‘Request Information’ button to create an RFQ list. 

Continue browsing and selecting until your list is complete, then fill out your contact details. 

That’s it – one of us will reach out to you shortly.

Special Features

Check out the Intuitive Text Search to find items you like more quickly. Eighteen results for parmesan, people!

Try out the Best Selling and Featured Filters to discover new and exciting products to spice up your menu and improve your profit margins. 

Simple as Browse, Add items and tell us how to reach you. 

We Need Your Feedback

The way our first customers interact with the online catalog will help us understand the demand for this service. It will also tell us what features and functions of the web we should continue developing. 

Spending just 5 minutes browsing the catalog and adding items to your cart will go a long way in giving us the insight we need. 

Thank you for helping us help you make Cheetah even better.

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