Restaurant Distributor, Cheetah, Raises $60 Million

Restaurant Distributor, Cheetah, Raises $60 Million

Restaurant Supplier Cheetah Technologies is Poised to Upend a $200 Billion Industry!

At Cheetah we are beyond thrilled to announce that we have closed our series C round of funding. Another whopping $60 million was raised to continue delivering our vision, and incredible restaurant supplies to independent restaurants around the country. During the pandemic small and independent restaurants have been hit the hardest. Thousands upon thousands have closed their doors last year alone. Cheetah is here to help stop that trend and reinvigorate small restaurants with transparent sourcing and pricing, strategic partnerships to help grow every aspect of their businesses, and an ever evolving tech platform. 

Through a strategic round of funding with Manna Tree, an investment firm committed to improving human health through nutrition, and Sator Grove Holdings, a permanent capital investor helping the world’s top entrepreneurs ‘attain the extraordinary’, Cheetah situates itself as the leader in distribution of sustainable and healthy supplies to restaurants. Our funding, gathered by some of the most forward-thinking, sustainable, and creative minds in the food service industry, positions us as a leader in the space of bringing accessible health to restaurants.

Cheetah in 2021 and Beyond

So, what does Cheetah plan to do with this investment? While continuing to become a household name in the Bay Area, Cheetah has its eyes set on other domestic markets where restaurants could use the lifeline we provide. Stay tuned over the next few months to see which markets we’ll be driving right into! Furthermore, we are continuing to work with local artisans, setting the bar even higher for what it means to source locally. We are investing in sustainable and community initiatives as well as continuing the search for other, well-aligned, companies around the country with which to partner! Cheetah is more than a restaurant distributor or even a disruptor in the food service industry- Cheetah is a restaurant’s partner in success!

In a League of Our Own

Our secret sauce is in the blending of technology with health and sustainability. Pam Shepherd, Managing Director at Manna Tree, a top partner in this round of funding stated: “As a firm, we see great potential to improve human health across the food supply chain, especially with an industry trailblazer like Cheetah. They are poised to upend the existing wholesale food marketplace, bringing greater transparency and greater levels of service to foodservice distribution, a $300 billion-plus industry historically lacking in innovation.” The lack of innovation to which Pam refers means that restaurant owners are still getting up before dawn to hit restaurant supply stores. These small, independent foodservice businesses now have that time back in their day! Instead of heading to any restaurant supply store, they simply pop open the Cheetah app and can have what they need by the very next day. 

Since our rollout in 2015, Cheetah has developed working relationships with over 10% of all Bay Area restaurants. Our easy to use, Amazon-like shopping experience for restaurants, coupled with our 24/7 dedicated service team sets Cheetah in a class of its own as a restaurant distributor. Another appeal of Cheetah for local, independently owned restaurants is the ability to purchase high-quality conventional ingredients as well as local, artisanal products. Cheetah brings the farmer, the grower, and the maker one step closer to the plate. In 2021 alone Cheetah added 500 new, unique products into our Marketplace, further expanding opportunities for restaurants and producers alike.

A Word From Our CEO

Cheetah visionary and Chief Exec, Na’ama Moran says, “Operating a restaurant is hard enough without suppliers changing pricing and products on you constantly and without you knowing. We started Cheetah to provide a fair and honest e-commerce platform for restaurants who demand more transparency and efficiency from their suppliers and partners. Transparency, enabled by our technology, allows for better decision making, giving our restaurant customers the opportunity for enhanced profitability and the agency to choose vendors that are making our world a healthier and more sustainable place.” 


Cheetah believes that restaurants deserve an easier and fairer playing field. We believe that independent eateries are the backbone of America and, if we can save more of them from shuttering their doors permanently, we’ve done our jobs! We’re excited to have you reading this because it means that you, too, are part of the Cheetah Family. 

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