Easy Homemade Food For Your Dog

Easy Homemade Food For Your Dog

It’s safe to say that all dog parents want the best for their furry pals. But if that’s the case, then why do most of them continue feeding their pets the same thing every day?

If you happen to give your dog the same treats time and time again, try putting yourself in their shoes (or paws?). You probably wouldn’t like eating the same meals day in and day out, either. So what’s a pet parent’s got to do to make their four-legged friends happy and healthy? The answer is easy: prepare homemade food.

Why make dog food at home

There’s no doubt about it — commercial dog food just isn’t enough to give your pet the nutrition they need. You’re better off making their meals yourself. The good news is that they’re not hard to make. In fact, Greatist says there’s an easy formula that you can follow: 50 percent cooked protein, 25 percent produce, and 25 percent cooked complex carbs. But while this is the general outline, it’s worth noting that your dog’s meals ultimately depends on their weight. You may need to prepare more food if they’re the active type.

Of course, since you want what’s best for your pooch, you should always consult a wide range of sources before fully transitioning to homemade food. Exercise a little caution, and make it a point to as The Bark is quick to emphasize, check in with your pet’s vet to ensure that you’re not throwing their diet completely off. And when you notice that they’re not doing well on what you’re feeding them, take it as a sign to consider a change.

Easy DIY homemade dog food recipe

In this particular recipe, you don’t need much — just your good ol’ reliable rice cooker and a few ingredients that you either already have sitting in your pantry or you can easily purchase from your local supermarket. Not only can these cook the “4 Types of Delicious Rice You Should Be Stocking Up On” we previously discussed, but they can also concoct a variety of meals. When you have this in tow, you can use it to make meals for both humans and your furry friends.

As for the ingredients, you only need the following: a few cups of rice (again, it depends on your dog’s weight), frozen chicken breasts, frozen veggies, and salt and pepper. The process isn’t time-intensive, either. All you have to do is cook the rice as you normally would and boil the chicken in a big pan while you wait for the rice to cook. When both are done, take out the chicken breast and cut it into tiny chunks.

Then, throw the frozen veggies into the pan along with the cut-up chicken for about 5 to 10 minutes, and then mix them together. If it turns out to be too soupy, it’s best to cook it down a little bit. Once done, let it cool, and then serve to your dog.

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