February Recap: Black History Month, Healthy Menus and More

Cheetah Newsletter February Recap: Black Owned Restaurants, Healthy Menus, Virtual (online) Farmers Market in Marketplace

February Recap: Black History Month, Healthy Menus and More

This month was full of inspiration!  We sat down with some of the Bay Area’s leading black entrepreneurs, interviewed a couple business partners who are making a killing serving simple, wholesome and nutritious meals to their healthy customers, and also launched Cheetah’s Marketplace – essentially an online farmers’ market, where you have access to emerging local and craft food vendors. 

Where to start?  We think it’s only appropriate to begin with a recap of our Black History Month spotlights.

There’s a long history of black leadership in Oakland and throughout the Bay Area, and while history continues to be made, this month we gave some of our dearest customers the spotlight they deserve.

Check out our most recent #BlackOwned Spotlight Reels here!

The passion, dedication, and dreams of these diligent restaurant owners is truly inspiring and we’ll continue to share their stories. The article below outlines the complex and captivating evolution of black-owned businesses in the Bay Area:

The Inspiring Evolution of the Bay Area's Black Owned Joints & Food Culture

In other news, our mission to support healthy and clean eating persists.  Earlier this month, we met up with the owners of LeanFeast in Dublin and San Jose. Our interview honed in on providing real, actionable advice for other restaurateurs looking to offer healthier menu choices. 

How a Healthy Menu Can Keep Costs Low and Customers Happy

We also dove into the Cheetah Marketplace, a new selection of inventory from local, artisanal and small-batch producers. We’re excited to highlight a few specialty items we’re thrilled to carry for our customers.

Access to Local Food Vendors, Artisan Products and More in Cheetah's "Marketplace"

If you are a Bay Area Cheetah customer and would like to tell your story, reply to this email and we’d love to connect! We’re on the hunt to tell the most authentic, gritty, funny and real stories of what it is to be a restaurant owner! 

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