Feed the Hungry and Join the New #FoodGiving Movement

Feed the Hungry and Join the New #FoodGiving Movement

Imagine not knowing when you’ll have your next meal. During these challenging times, thousands of people are without food security.  Cheetah decided to feed the hungry by joining the #foodgiving movement. Our mission has always been to help small business thrive, the cornerstone of every strong community.  Since no one can thrive on an empty stomach, Cheetah has stepped up to feed the hungry and help the Bay Area communities that are in need the most.

Feed the Hungry

feed the hungry

After donating tons of food to charitable organizations, we realized we can make an even greater impact by coming together and directly reaching out to those in need. We are stocking mobile fridges with food from our own warehouse and inviting anyone who is hungry to take what they need at no cost. We encourage members of our community to join this campaign and help our neighbors at risk.

Donate Your Excess Food

We tend to buy more stuff than we need and end up with pantries filled with foods we’ll never eat. Before you throw away all those extra groceries, check to see if there’s anything you can give away to those who need it most.

What to donate?

  • Shelf-stable foods and fresh produce are all in demand. Give what you can as long as it’s safe and nutritious.

How to donate?

  • For the #Foodgiving movement we partnered with City Team, a nonprofit organization that collects produce and donates to people in need experiencing homelessness, poverty, hunger and addiction. We’ve launched community fridges outside the City Team centers in Oakland and San Jose where you can donate your excess food for our cause.

Become a #FoodGiving Ambassador

Anyone who donates their food is a huge help. Support the #Foodgiving movement by spreading the word through social media. Sharing your personal story is the best way to get your friends and family involved in the cause. Just think of the incredible difference you can make in someone’s life.

Here are some ideas on how to help by sharing:

  • Share this article

  • Tell people how you heard about the #Foodgiving movement

  • Personally encourage your friends to join

  • Share the impact it had on you and why you believe it’s important

  • Post a video showing people how easy it is to find excess food in your house and putting it aside for donation

  • Post a selfie of you and your friends at the Cheetah drop-off center

Get Involved

Help us expand this initiative to more places. There’s nothing more satisfying than giving back to the community. You can reach out to the community center in your neighborhood and ask them to put up posters, or visit your local bars and cafes to tell them about the movement and invite them to get involved. The more awareness we raise, the more people we can help.

Coming Together through Art

We partnered with two local street artists to help us communicate what’s really important – our community.

  • Juan Lopez is a mosaic artist best known for his iconic trash cans in Oakland. He is all about creating impact and community through his art.

  • Kristine Brandt is a muralist, fine artist and illustrator. Both have decorated the fridges we placed in Oakland and San Jose with their own art.

Come over to see their art and show your support of your community and neighbors.

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