Going e-Commerce with Cheetah: An All in One Solution for Food Distributors

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Going e-Commerce with Cheetah: An All in One Solution for Food Distributors

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E-Commerce emerged almost as soon as the internet went mainstream. But food distributors only entered the game in the last few years.

Even before the pandemic sent levels of online shopping skyrocketing, it was clear that companies have to go online in order to survive. People now expect to be able to do almost all transactions online and food distributors are no different.

Foodservice operators are looking for the same smooth, friendly online experience that private consumers do. The foodservice industry is now at the point where it’s adapt or die and so food distributors really have only two choices:

  1. Develop your own e-commerce platform to get online, or
  2. Get one ready-made and save a lot of time, energy and resources

Unless you’re up for a long, expensive challenge, option 2 seems like the best choice. Here’s what Cheetah can do for you.

How Did We Come Up with an E-Commerce Solution?

We at Cheetah have been on the online journey for a long time. We’ve already invested millions of dollars and thousands of hours to build the very best food distributor e-commerce suite we can.

It all started because we needed an easy-to-use app for ourselves to better serve our customers in San Francisco. We were food suppliers first and we worked with our customers to get it right.

Now we want to offer what we’ve built it to others. We want to help you make the leap online in the smoothest, easiest way possible. Why waste time and money on a long and expensive development process when we’ve already done it for you? Better focus on what you do best – serving your customers and delivering exactly what they need, when they need it.

Our All-in-One Distributor e-Commerce Suite is fully customizable. Simply pick whatever combination of features will best support and enhance your sales team and create a better customer experience.

Support & Enhance Your Sales Team

On the Cheetah e-commerce platform for food distributors you can streamline the ordering process for customers. This frees up your sales team for the important jobs like consulting and upselling.

Customers can quickly resubmit previous orders or suggest purchases based on their order history, in comparison to similar customers, or according to cuisine type. They can even update customer carts remotely.

Imagine you could suggest the right product to the right customer while still lowering the number of in-person meetings and calls needed. Thanks to these features, we found that almost 50% of customers increased their spend between their first and second month on our platform.

50% of customers increase their spend between their 1st and 2nd month on the Cheetah e-commerce platform for food distributors.

Create a Better Customer Experience

The Cheetah e-commerce solution is easily accessible and offers customers the agility they expect. Our research shows that 93% of buyers want to purchase online. We also know that 74% of them will research online before purchasing.

What if they could complete their purchase right there online? What if 57% of that process occurred before they even reached your sales team?

That’s what our platform empowers you to do. The Cheetah food distributor suite offers easy ordering, payment and delivery planning. It has multiple payment solutions and payment plans such as membership or pay per delivery. In other words, your customers can order how they want, when they want.

And if they need a hand, your sales team will be there to assist and consult ready with all the information about their order and the data to assess what they need.

All-in-one food Distributor e-Commerce Suite

Cheetah’s e-commerce platform helps food distributors create an efficient, comfortable shopping experience with tools to optimize:

  • Acquisition
  • Activation
  • Retention 

We offer this through advanced automation tools based on segmentation for:

  • Sales
  • Customer success
  • Marketing
  • Lead generation
  • On-boarding
  • Product recommendations

The platform also encourages activation by adding value to your customers with relevant product recommendations, saving opportunities and brand promotions. It also features tools for price comparisons, inventory management and ongoing cart updates (to your cut-off time).

We understand what you need and what your customers want. We built this for ourselves as a food distribution company. Of course, everyone is different so our platform is fully customizable for you to best suit exactly what you need – you know your operations and customers best.

Want more revenue with no extra overhead and no build costs? Talk to us and let’s see how we can get you online fast and easy.

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