Grocery Shopping for My Family during Covid-19

Grocery Shopping for My Family during Covid-19

Stay Connected to Your Family during Covid-19

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Grocery shopping with your parents? You probably haven’t done that since you were a kid! Ever since Covid-19 has forced people to stay apart, family dinners haven’t been the same. Talking with your grandparents, siblings and other loved ones on Zoom is not a replacement for seeing them in person. Food has always brought people together and Cheetah makes sure it stays that way. Grocery shopping through Group Purchasing is a great way to make food a family experience again while staying safe during Covid-19.

Make Grocery Shopping Easier for Everyone

Other than bringing families together, group purchasing has many other benefits over traditional grocery shopping:

  • It’s the easiest way to shop for groceries.

    • Add as many people as you want to a single account and invite them to add items to the cart. Cheetah carries both family-friendly and restaurant-sizes, so you can always order according to the number of people ordering.

  • It’s the safest way to shop for groceries.

    • Choose between contact-free delivery or contact-free pickup at one of our locations in the Bay Area. Help your family stay safe during Covid-19 by minimizing the number of people they come in contact with.

  • It’s cost-effective.

    • Wholesale purchases are much cheaper than the average grocery store purchase. Get your siblings, parents or even your kids who already have families of their own to make a group purchase and save up to 50% on your bulk purchase! You can also get free delivery for orders above $250 and below that it costs $12, with no hidden fees.

  • It’s environmentally friendly.

    • Buying in bulk helps reduce packaging waste. Cheetah offers recyclable and compostable containers and utensils that make it easy to share with the rest of the group. You can save time on cleaning your dishes and be environmentally friendly at the same time. A single group purchase is another step toward decreasing emissions from multiple deliveries.

A Great Reason to Visit Family

Before anything else, grocery shopping with your family is a great way to stay together. Still not sure? Read about how Chris Elliott, Cheetah’s co-founder and COO, uses the Cheetah app for his family to get a sense of the experience:

“I usually start a text conversation with my family 3-4 days prior to the pickup date we choose.

I open a group chat with my wife, sister, and mom where we ask everyone what they want for their next Cheetah order.

We talk about items we’ll split, what prepared meals are available, what’s in stock, when items are expected to be back in stock, etc. With Cheetah you can find a lot of products that will be easy to split, such as Perrier sparkling water, NY strip steak or the Rustic Bakery organic rosemary & olive oil flatbread bites. This is actually a very fun and social part of the experience for us. I read off everyone’s order so we can finalize the list together and my wife places the order.

We usually pick up the order on Friday, put everything in the fridge / freezer, then drive it up to Marin on Saturday to drop off at my sister and mom’s house. This is a great reason for us to visit them.

We tally up everyone’s invoice and then they will Venmo us the money.”

How It Works

Group purchasing is easy. Simply follow these steps to place your first order:

  1. Download the free app and set up a Cheetah account in less than 30 seconds.

  2. Invite people to your account with the “My Staff” feature. Click on “Invite Coworkers” and send your contacts an invite to download Cheetah so they can start adding items to the cart. If you prefer, just get what people from your group want through your preferred communication method.

  3. Browse the great selection of restaurant-grade products offered at wholesale prices.

  4. Choose between contact-free delivery or contact-free pickup in one of our locations in the Bay Area.

Tips and Suggestions

  • Help the environment by checking the ‘Disposables’ tile.

  • Choose from a wide selection of recyclable and compostable containers and film wrap to split and store bulk products.

  • Get your order delivered to you or pick it up at the location of your choice.

  • Split the payment using apps like Venmo.

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