Focusing on helping small businesses thrive – we are still here for you

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Focusing on helping small businesses thrive – we are still here for you

Cheetah is coming full circle with our COVID-19 response and our promise to keep our community’s needs first. Seven months ago, as the pandemic was threatening supply chains all over the country, we came through by filling the void and meeting the basic needs of Bay Area consumers. Now that food security has been restored, it’s time for us to refocus our resources on our core mission – helping businesses thrive.

Some things will never change. We will continue to supply high-quality, restaurant-grade products and groceries, just as we will continue to support our customers and our communities in any way we can. And although we are shifting back to helping restaurants, we are still here for consumers to purchase bulk supplies at our business delivery service rates. Here’s everything else you need to know.

A short recap

Our company mission is to help restaurants thrive. When COVID-19 hit and there was a shortage of supplies for people in the community, we felt there was no better way to expand our mission than to support families in our community by opening up our warehouse of restaurant-quality wholesale food and supplies to everyone in the Bay Area.

In record time, we revamped all our operations and transformed our delivery trucks into mobile fulfillment centers. People would order online through our app, schedule a pickup time at a designated location (many were our restaurant partner’s parking lots), open their car trunk, and have their order loaded by our team safely and effortlessly. After pioneering with this safe and contact-free pickup, we later added home delivery. With these initiatives, we were able to help thousands of families. In fact, in just a few months, almost 30 thousand people used Cheetah in the Bay Area alone.
We felt encouraged by all the great feedback we got from our customers and we want to thank you all for giving us this opportunity to learn, evolve and do better by our customers. Here’s what some of our customers had to say about this:

Our local restaurants need us

As you probably know, COVID-19 has impacted the restaurant industry more dramatically than any other industry. Independent restaurants continue to struggle financially and the fight to keep their employees and family safe will be ongoing for a long time. 

Restaurants and small businesses in general are a cornerstone in any community. They employ local people and pay local taxes. Sometimes, their owners also live locally. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, small businesses in general employ almost 50% of the workforce and represent ⅔ of new job creations.

At the same time that restaurants need our support, the rest of the supply-chain caught up to speed to serve consumers. Gone are the days we had trouble finding toilet paper or any other basic supplies as we used to do in the beginning of the pandemic.

All that being said, as a commercial enterprise, we need to be wise about how we spend our resources and we decided that it would make more sense to shift focus back to our main customer: small, independent restaurants. 

What does this mean for you and your family?

Let’s start with what won’t change. You can still get the same high-quality restaurant-grade products and groceries at Cheetah. As always, you will enjoy great prices and better than that, transparency. At Cheetah you always pay what you see, no hidden-fees involved. As always you enjoy  exceptional customer service 24/7 365 ready to support you on any questions or issues you might have.

What you might experience will be on the products we stock and the size of the orders we fulfill. Our non-business customers have told us they love finding wholesale bulk products that our businesses rely on, and we will continue to source quality products for great value.

In order to optimize our delivery service, starting on 11/2, we will also have the same delivery fees for restaurants and consumers: 

We’ve got your back

Thank you for giving Cheetah the opportunity to supply you with quality groceries during this difficult time. All of us here at Cheetah are fully committed to serving you moving forward, and we hope to continue to help you in all your daily kitchen needs. As we move to focus to support our restaurant partners throughout the Bay Area, we hope that you join us by supporting your local small businesses and restaurants in any way you can. We know that we’re far from the normalcy we remember, but with all of our efforts, we will stem the tragic effects of this pandemic for our communities.

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