Improve Your Restaurant Website Now To Generate More Sales

Improve Your Restaurant Website Now To Generate More Sales

Restaurant marketing after COVID-19 is completely new territory. Learn how to do it right in this free Guide to Restaurant Reopening.

Even now as restaurants are reopening, the Covid-19 pandemic has most diners staying outdoors. As our lives are shifting to the digital space, ordering food on restaurant websites and sharing home dining experiences has become the new normal. To keep up with competition, keep existing customers and attracting new ones, restaurants need to adjust their online presence.
A great restaurant website is the key to your business’ future success.

Here are 6 ways to generate more sales, improve the design, and increase brand awareness by optimizing your restaurant website.

Enable Online Ordering

Online ordering is becoming more popular than ever and is the immediate choice for many people ordering takeout and delivery. The experience of ordering online from your restaurant website is now an integral part of the dining experience, so you’ll want to integrate an ordering system that your customers will find easy and enjoyable to use. When choosing your supplier, choose a system that has these features:

  • Works well with your existing POS system

  • Navigation should be intuitive and designed to quickly order and pay

  • Lets customers order without having to download any additional apps or call your restaurant to order

  • The menu gets full coverage with images of each item

  • Enables you to integrate a loyalty rewards program. Earning points for orders and knowing they can expect a reward will encourage your customers to keep choosing your restaurant whenever they feel like ordering in

Include Mouth Watering Images

restaurant website

Eye-grabbing images are the best way to make customers drool over your menu and boost orders. Whether professional or amateur images, make sure to have a variety of pictures including mouth-watering menu items, vibey photos with guests eating and having fun, and your staff happily working while interacting with guests. Besides making customers want to order from your restaurant, images are a great way to make people spend more time on your restaurant website. The more time they spend on your website, the more opportunities you have to communicate your messaging to them. Also, the time people spend on your website is a user engagement signal for Google. The longer they stay, the more exposure your restaurant will get on search engines.

Add Social Media Buttons

Add social media buttons to every page on your restaurant website. Getting people to visit your Instagram, Facebook and other social media feeds is the best way to get them to share your content and spread brand awareness.

This isn’t just about the number of followers you have. Customers today expect to have easy access to information and have their many online channels all connected. The more available you make yourself to customers, the more willing they will be to interact with you online.

Keep It Updated

The website should completely mirror your restaurant. This will give your customers the closest experience to the real thing. Here are some ways to achieve that.

Updated menu

Whether you recently gave your menu a drastic makeover or simply added new items, it’s important to communicate those changes to customers. Make sure to include all meals and remove items you don’t serve anymore. Your online menu should also include discounts, deals and special offers designed specifically for people ordering at home.

Opening times

While some people opt for food deliveries during the pandemic, others are looking to socialize and eat out. Make your restaurant’s opening hours clearly visible to visitors so they’d know when to stop by.

Stay in awareness

On the main page of your restaurant website, share the latest stories from your restaurant, for example how you’ve fared during the pandemic. Keep customers in the know on special offers and share news about your restaurant to make the website more personal.

Maintain a Consistent Brand Voice

Your website is a continuation of your brand. It should be easily recognizable and match your restaurant in both tone and style. Use the same fonts, colors and tone of voice to convey the same atmosphere you do in your restaurant to your online visitors.

Share Your Covid-19 Policy

Post your Covid-19 Policy so people feel safer arriving at your restaurant or ordering online. Posting your policy shows you’re prioritizing health guidelines in your restaurant and that you really care for the safety and wellbeing of your visiting customers and of staff.

Go Cheetah

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