Ultimate Job Marketplace Poached Saves Restaurants a Lot of Hiring Headache

Ultimate Job Marketplace Poached Saves Restaurants a Lot of Hiring Headache

Restaurants are soaring back to full-service while the demand for qualified staff continues to pose a problem. Payroll budgets, recruiting processes and retention schemes are not yet adapted to a post-Covid world. Now restaurant operators must treat the hiring process as a critical and strategic part of their operation. 

While McDonald’s and Chipotle are offering signing and referral bonuses, SMB restaurants can stay competitive with the right hiring tools. More and more recruiting platforms are now using advanced technologies like machine learning to streamline hiring and reduce the time it takes to find the perfect candidate. 

We’ve partnered with Poached, a job marketplace that specializes in restaurant recruiting. Another step towards helping SMB restaurants thrive!

Here’s what Poached can do for your restaurant and all the special perks reserved for Cheetah Members.

Labor Crisis Continues to Plague Restaurants

Restaurants are recovering heroically from the pandemic but ironically the food-service labor crisis is exacerbated by the boost in patrons. Understaffed restaurants are doing the best they can, but long wait times, reduced serving speeds and lack of available dishes are almost unavoidable. All of these are leading to reduced income and tips. 

And as if the situation weren’t dire enough, supply chain disruptions have led to increased food prices that pull from wage budgets. Payroll usually makes up about one-third of all restaurant expenses, but that balance is now askew, and employees are leaving.

Poached Finds Quality Restaurant Staff. Fast.

Poached is the only online job marketplace dedicated to restaurants and food-service recruiting. Built by industry veterans, the platform has been facilitating hiring for over a decade. It boasts 600,000 monthly visitors and has 1 million registered job seekers and 4 million applications on file. 

Through Poached, restaurant operators can fill all types of positions, from cooks and janitors to baristas and managers, in both permanent roles or shift-based stand-ins. 

Posting an open position takes less than  5 minutes. The Poached system will automatically match relevant candidates and send them invitations to apply. Employers can then review resumes and message candidates directly from the platform.

6 Features Designed for Restaurants

Here are the 6 key features that make Poached the best place to find your next hire.

  1. Job matching algorithms. Smart Machine Learning algorithms ensure your listing is sent only to job seekers who are most likely to apply. 
  2. Fast and easy. Thanks to the Job Matching Algorithms, operators can receive resumes within 5 minutes. 
  3. Simple reviewing – Reviewing resumes is a piece of cake on the system’s built-in viewer. No more recruiting emails clogging your inbox. 
  4. Built-in Applicant Tracking System (ATS) – Once you’ve chosen your top candidates, you can message them and schedule interviews through the Poached system. The tracking system will actively usher you towards the most successful hire. And if you already use an external ATS, Poached can integrate and send the data there. 
  5. Poached on demand. Our personal favorite, this feature is made to fit the post-pandemic restaurant world. Quickly fill a single shift or a part-time position from the pool of professionals pre-qualified by Poached. Their ‘try-before-you-hire’ option allows you to bring in pre-qualified staff to fill a few shifts and if all cooks well, advance to a full hire.
  6. Job boosting. The platform is linked to over 30 of the leading hiring marketplaces in America. Boosting your listing will place it on the top of the Poached board, giving it ultimate visibility and, with one click, will also send it to the best applicants. 

>>> See Poached pricing and fill your first position.

Cheetah and Poached Collaboration

Our mission at Cheetah is to empower SMB restaurants through best in class service, supreme product offering and complementary services through our coalition partners.

On top of great produce and top quality inventory, we love the restaurant industry and see ourselves as an important  part of the community. 

We’ve partnered with Poached to help our restaurants through the current labor crisis through streamlined recruiting and increased retention practices and tools. 

Using your Cheetah Plus Membership will unlock 10% cashback on Poached when posting jobs, boosting them or using the On Demand shift service. 

This is just another part of the toolkit you can access through our coalition partners like Inkmule who provide amazing swag, OpenMenu for digital QR menus, or the Just In Time service for pre-prepped products. Become a member and enjoy the services of our hand-selected businesses here to help your restaurant thrive.

>>> Learn more about the Cheetah Coalition and what we can do for your restaurant.

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