A “Behind the Scenes” Look at Our Latest Vendor Showcase – Plant-Based Fish, Vegan Chicken, A2/A2 Milk, Wildwonder and Tony’s Coffee

Cheetah showcases local and specialty food and beverage vendors every month

A “Behind the Scenes” Look at Our Latest Vendor Showcase – Plant-Based Fish, Vegan Chicken, A2/A2 Milk, Wildwonder and Tony’s Coffee

If you’re one of our thousands of restaurant partners, then you already know the attentive consideration and expertise that come hand in hand with every visit from your Cheetah rep.  You may recall them giving you a ring about a new product they love and think you would too – they’ve probably even swung by with fun new samples for you to try.

If you haven’t run with Cheetah yet, then we’re excited to show you the ‘behind the scenes’ look at how Cheetah Reps connect with and learn about new products and vendors as they come in, and thus continually offer new and exciting options for their restaurants. 

Each month the entire Cheetah team comes together to enjoy a product showcase from new and beloved vendors alike. Each of these product showcases is a blast at Cheetah HQ in Pleasanton, giving everyone the opportunity to escape their home-offices and connect over delicious samples and expert counsel from the producers themselves. 

This past month we featured the following small vendors to showcase to our Cheetah team!

Primo Espresso and Tony's Coffee blend beans from around the world and roast them in small batches

Primo Espresso, makers of Tony’s Coffee and suppliers of high quality espresso machines, has over 25 years of experience in coffee making, creating unique and delicious coffee blends. For over a decade their roasterie has been run on Green Power, offsetting hundreds of tons of greenhouse gasses. 

They’re not just offsetting their current emissions, but have a goal to offset their ENTIRE historic carbon footprint by 2030. This is a coffee company doing good in the industry, which is increasingly important to consumers.

Lovely Alexandre Farms provides nutrient-rich milk and top-quality eggs. Their secret? They take a very hands-on approach to farming. Cows are happy and free to ranch and munch on healthy west coast grasses! As for their hens, according to their site, their “eggs are substantially different from most other eggs you can buy – they weigh more, they taste better and they have a higher protein profile.”

Think you’re lactose intolerant?  Think again – according to Alexandre Farms, you may just be drinking the wrong milk.  They are one of a few farms who produce only A2/A2 certified organic dairy products.  Learn more about what I’m talking about here.

Alexandre Family Farm produces organic, a2/a2 dairy products - eggs, milk, and more
Wildwonder has prebiotics and probiotics in their drinks - everything you need for a healthy gut biome!

This locally produced pre- and probiotic beverage comes in at only 6 grams of sugar per can, is entirely caffeine and alcohol free, and is a low calorie support for gut health.

With an array of delicious flavors like Guava Rose and Strawberry Passion, Wildwonder is on a mission to craft an experience of wellbeing and happiness with the imbibing of every bubbly beverage. Featured in Forbes, BuzzFeed, and PopSugar, these beverages are gaining consumer traction very quickly! Upgrade your to-go beverage options with Wildwonder, a name they’re likely to have seen and love!

Chef Chew is a mastermind when it comes to crafting some of the best textured and best tasting plant based chicken and beef alternatives. When Better Chew was at HQ they fried up pieces of their double breaded fried chicken and brisket.

By creating flavors and textures that are reminiscent of soul food, Chef Chew provides his meat alternatives to ethnic vegan places across the bay, such as Vegan Mob and Malibu’s Burgers. This is absolutely the meat alternative for any stellar BBQ spots looking to up their game!

Better Chew makes plant based meat, plant based and vegan chicken, and more

With a mission to ‘Save our Seas’, Good Catch is leading the way in crafting delicious, plant-based seafood. These completely vegan crab cakes and ‘fish sticks’ even have that yummy fish smell as they’re fried for our team! Crafted from a blend of 6 plants and completely meat free, Good Catch claims to be good for you and good for the planet – two missions Cheetah can get behind.

On their site Good Catch says: “We want to raise awareness, reduce harm and preserve our precious environmental resources. Our products are part of the solution to fishing, overfishing, polluted oceans and animal welfare concerns.” This set of products is a great way to uplevel your fish and crab offerings or to dive into plant-based seafood! And let me tell you, as a person who does not eat fried fish, I happily gobbled down their plant-based fish sticks and greedily helped myself to more!

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