March Recap: Meet 3 Inspiring Women Igniting the Bay Area Food Scene, How to Support Ukraine and more…

March Recap: Meet 3 Inspiring Women Igniting the Bay Area Food Scene, How to Support Ukraine and more…

This month we saw restaurants and restaurateurs from around the world become heroes in their own right as they scrambled to do anything in the realm of possibility to help the people of Ukraine. 

As March turns into April, the crisis has still not come to an end.  The war in Ukraine rages on and continues to tear lives apart.  It is also bringing international and local communities together in acts of defiance and support. 

Videos, images, and articles are being released 24/7 – letting us follow the war from a soldier’s POV, albeit safely from the comfort of our unthreatened households.  Paradoxically, stubbornness, brutality and ruthlessness are broadcast alongside resilience, tenderness and compassion. 

Standing Strong in Support of Ukraine

Regardless of whatever sense can or can’t be made from the war, hope springs forth from the devastation. We at Cheetah are making efforts to feed the hopeful and supportive sentiments of the international community as well as the millions of people across Eastern Europe by prolonging our drive to bring food to those who need it most. 

We are working with World Central Kitchen, an organization currently on the ground providing hot meals on freezing days. We encourage anyone who wants to help to donate directly to the people at World Central Kitchen. Together we can absolutely make a difference in the lives of millions of our brothers and sisters who are struggling for the right to exist peacefully.

Women's History Month Spotlights

March was also a month dedicated to celebrating women around the world. This Women’s History Month we have decided to highlight some of the greatest female entrepreneurs we work with. Check out these videos of female restaurant owners and cooks who bring classic cultural comfort food to the Bay Area community.

As we move into April, the National Month of Hope, we are further encouraged to continue spreading good to our community of restaurant owners, passionate cooks, chefs, and incredible local vendors. You can look forward to the start of a new series of videos as well at @gocheetah on Instagram featuring some of our top restaurants, their stories, and top tips for fellow chefs. 

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