4 Quick Mother’s Day Sales Promotion Ideas for Your Restaurant

4 Quick Mother’s Day Sales Promotion Ideas for Your Restaurant

Traditionally, Mother’s Day is the busiest day of the year for restaurants. Last year, COVID-19 kept many families apart, forcing them to miss out on one the most joyous, delicious celebrations of the year.

This year, many restaurants are welcoming back customers for in-person dining and more than half the country’s population planning to dine out. Considering this, your restaurant needs to offer something special to stand out from the competition.

Decorating your space and adding a few special treats to your menu to mark the occasion is a good start. For businesses only open to pickup or delivery, a scrumptious meal kit to enjoy at home or a freebie dessert is the least you can do.

But to really capitalize on this lucrative holiday, here are 4 things you can do easily and quickly.

1. Celebrate Moms on Social Media

The first thing to do is to spread the word about your special Mother’s Day offerings on all your social media channels. Let customers know how and when you’ll be operating. Share your special menu and specials for the day and post about promo codes and gifts. 

As a free, added value – and especially if you’re not open for dine-in – provide customers with ideas on how to create a restaurant-like experience for their moms at home. A list of activities, a fun playlist or some classy tablescape ideas will spark your customers’ imagination and help them make this day more special, even from home.

Don’t forget to share pictures and videos from the restaurant of diners and staff celebrating moms. Encourage customers – whether takeout, delivery or dine-in – to do the same.

2. Make It a Family Affair

Mother’s Day is geared toward families, so all your specials and menu deals should have something for everyone.

Family-sized brunch packages and a prix-fixe dinner menu will cater to that. A prix fixe menu is a type of menu that offers a multi-course meal for a fixed price.

This is a great way for your restaurant to help your kitchen staff work more efficiently, so you can get orders out faster. It’s also a great way to maximize profits and to make things simpler for your guests when it comes to paying.

Make sure to have kid-friendly, family-style dishes, including a variety of shareable entrees that the entire family can enjoy. While you’re at it, be prepared to offer the little ones something to do while waiting for their chocolate chip waffles. You should have a good stock of high chairs, coloring pages and crayons on hand. Keeping kids busy will allow moms to lay back and enjoy their special day.

3. Offer Discounted or Free Food to Moms

A Mother’s Day freebie can be anything from free delivery to a free cocktail or dessert or an entire meal discount. Whatever you do, it should feel like the mother of all deals. If customers feel they’re getting a bargain they will be more inclined to spend more. If moms eat free, the rest of the family would feel better about ordering a couple more appetizers or that buy one get one free cocktail.

4. Create a Signature Mother’s Day Drink or Menu

A special Mother’s Day drink doesn’t have to be too complicated. A simple spin on one of your classic mimosa or sangria, offered as a LTD just for mothers will help your customers celebrate in style. 

Planning an entire menu specifically for Mother’s Day is a great way to make your meal service feel like a special occasion. Doing this within a tight time frame can be a little tricky. But if you have a supplier that can help you pull it off we say go for it!

Be sure to plan your delicious menu items with Cheetah, fresh supplies delivered the next day – just in time!

However you choose to leverage Mother’s Day to increase sales at your restaurant, make sure to stay in touch with what really matters: celebrating moms! Your staff is facing their busiest time of year. Remind them to keep a positive and happy ambience and encourage them to wish their own moms and all the moms who visit your restaurant a happy Mother’s Day!

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