New Brands We Love: Impossible Foods

New Brands We Love: Impossible Foods

Impossible Burgers are nothing like the dry veggie burgers made from soy, beans and lentils your vegan friends keep recommending. Impossible Foods’ pink-colored patty bleeds and sizzles as you cook it. It takes one bite from this juicy, smoky flavored delight to realize that the earth can offer us everything a real beef burger could, and more.

Cheetah is on a mission to transform the wholesale food industry. We stock our warehouses with the highest quality ingredients from the best local and national brands and offer them to customers at fair prices with next-day, contact free delivery. We believe everything begins and ends with the product. Together with our trusted partners, we deliver the freshest, tastiest and healthiest brands right to your door. Here’s one of our favorite brands and why we love it.

5 Fun Facts about Impossible Foods

impossible burger

Here are 5 facts we bet you didn’t know about this miracle meat:

Heme, hmm?

What makes Impossible Burgers bleed like real life red meat is heme. Heme molecule contains iron, which enables the blood to carry oxygen throughout the body. By producing it through fermentation, Impossible is able to give their burger that very specific taste and aroma of actual beef.

Bill Gates invested in them

In 2019, Gates contributed to a $75 million funding round, out of an overall $300 million raised by Impossible.

It started with restaurants

Impossible Foods launched Impossible Burger in 2016 and were immediately adopted by Momofuku Nishi in New York City, owned by iconic restaurateur David Chang. Today, you can order Impossible Burgers and Sausages in over 15,000 restaurants from fast food to fine dining restaurants all over the United States, Hong Kong, Macau, and Singapore. You can even get an Impossible Whopper at Burger King!

It’s kosher

Impossible Burger recently got an official kosher certification from the Orthodox Union. Finally, people following the Jewish law can enjoy a proper cheeseburger!

Brown spent an 18-month sabbatical in the lab

It all started in 2009, when Stanford biochemistry professor Patrick O. Brown, now the CEO and founder of Impossible Burgers, decided he’d had enough with animal farming and that he was going to do something about it. He devoted his 18-month sabbatical to develop a product that would compete with real meat and offer a viable replacement for meat lovers like himself.

Why We Love Impossible Burgers

impossible foods

It tastes just like real beef

Impossible does not sacrifice flavor, aroma or texture whatsoever. It also contains saturated fat from coconut oil, which makes it sizzle and drip when cooking. In short, it’s just as deliciously juicy as the real thing.

It offers high nutritional value

Each 5.33 oz serving of Impossible burger has the same amount of protein as 80/20 ground beef, matching the levels in beef patties. It also contains 0 mg cholesterol (14 g total fat and 8 g saturated fat) and no antibiotics or animal hormones. As for iron, Impossible Burger’s iron-rich molecule heme takes care of that, too. Like protein, heme actually has the same level of iron as real beef.

It’s for a good cause

Impossible Foods was created to benefit the environment. Their motto is “Eat up. Save earth”, and they make sure it’s manifested throughout their work. Overall, Impossible plant-based products use 75% less water, generate 87% fewer greenhouse gasses and take up 95% (yes, that’s right) less land than beef does.

They’re not afraid to dream

Impossible Foods have no intention of stopping with beef. After making waves as the best meat replacement out there, the company plans on replacing other animal products as well. Over the coming years, we expect to see Impossible pork, chicken, fish, cheese and eggs all made directly from plants. You can be sure that Cheetah will be the first to make these available for you.

Recipe and Meal Ideas

Impossible Foods are best known for their top-selling, juicy burgers. But did you know it also comes in other forms? On the Cheetah app, for example, you’ll find Impossible Sausage Patties (110060) that are pre-seasoned, pre-cooked and perfect for any breakfast build. There are many other ways to cook it up. More and more home cooks are using Impossible in batch cooking for all their favorite ground beef or pasta sauce recipes. Even restaurants around the world are now transforming it into everything from meatballs to taco filling to sliders.

Check out this video from Chef Scott and cook Impossible Burgers at home like a pro.

Get It from Cheetah

Impossible Foods is one of our favorite partners here at Cheetah. As natural carnivores, we love meat. But we hate to see the negative effects the industrialized livestock agriculture industry has on our planet and on our health. While Impossible is slowly making its way into mainstream grocery stores, we’re proud to be one of the few distributors of Impossible products in the Bay Area, and to offer it to all our customers at wholesale prices.

Download the app and join the movement of saving earth while eating like true carnivores.

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