New Kids Meals For Happy Home Schoolers

New Kids Meals For Happy Home Schoolers

As Covid-19 is forcing schools to close their gates, parents are now cooking more kids meals at home than ever. Without school meal programs, many parents are finding it hard to juggle work and having to constantly cook their children’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

As parents, we want our child to get all the nutrition he or she needs on a daily basis. But without the guiding help from schools, that can prove a very difficult task. From planning a weekly routine and menu, to stocking up on groceries and cooking in batches, here’s how to keep up with those hungry mouths without losing your sanity.


Teach Them How to Eat Right

Good nutrition is fundamental for proper development. Here are the basics you’ll want to cover:

  • Protein
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Grains
  • Dairy products

Keep in mind that kids need to have an exciting and positive food experience if they are to adjust to their new menu. Keep things fresh and interesting by mixing different colors and textures in every meal.

Talking to your kids and explaining the importance of what’s inside their food will also go a long way in getting them to like healthy food and helping them become independent in their food choices later on.

All kids need a healthy and nutritious diet to grow, but every child has their own unique needs. When you have time, visit your local doctor or dietitian to consult with them about your child’s specific needs. This will help you chart the recommended nutritious values for your kid’s age based on their weight, height and dietary restrictions.

While you’re at it, don’t be shy to ask about the right diet for yourself. Your health is just as important!


Plan a Routine

We could all benefit from a healthy routine. While we often recommend planning a menu in advance (like when planning your family’s food budget), it’s also important to note that children especially crave structure. Schedule the kids meals for the same hours each day based on:

Preparation Time

How long will it take to make breakfast or dinner?

Online Classes

What time do they begin and end? How long is their lunch break?

Your Own Schedule

When do you usually have time to cook?

Your time, just like theirs, is precious. A proper schedule can help relieve some of the newfound pressure and make things a lot easier for Mom and Dad.


Are Snacks Allowed?

kids meals

Although we often think of snacks as “cheats” for kids meals, they don’t have to be unhealthy. When incorporated into the meal schedule, a tasty and refreshing treat can help boost your child’s energy throughout the day. Add an extra fruit, granola bar or nuts like almonds and peanuts between meals. This will help reduce hunger and overeating and provide a much needed break from their new home routine.


Kids Meals and Batch Cooking

Few working parents have the time to cook fresh kids meals for their children every day. But just because you’re a busy Mom or Dad doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the quality of food your kids are having.

Batch cooking and freezer meal kits are two great ways around this. Pre-portioning meal ingredients or cooking large quantities and freezing them is a real time saver. Spend half a day prepping and cooking and you’ll have a week of carefree meals for the entire family. Buying in bulk, besides being cheaper, will also save you several trips to the grocery store and ensure you never run out of last-minute staples.


Go Wholesale with Cheetah

For planning and cooking for your family, going wholesale is a great way to save time and money. Now that you have quite a few extra kids meals to prepare and hungry mouths to feed, you need the most cost and time efficient way to handle your groceries and supplies. Cheetah offers restaurant supplies at wholesale prices to families just like yours. The kid-friendly app also lets your kids be involved in their food planning and cooking process.

Download the Cheetah app to help make good food a family business.

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