Restaurant Reopening Checklist I: Your Facility & Supplies

reopening your restaurant

Restaurant Reopening Checklist I: Your Facility & Supplies

As you look to reopen your restaurant or business after Shelter-in-Place has ended, Cheetah has assembled some advice and helpful links from our industry experts and top customers. Download the Complete Restaurant Reopening Guide.

Last month, the long-awaited guidelines for reopening restaurants for dine-in service were announced by the State of California here.

Many restrictions came as expected including mandatory social distancing and face coverings for guests and workers.  However, government officials did not release a specific date, and it will vary depending on your county and city regulations.  We know this lack of definition makes it difficult for businesses like yours to create a solid timeline for reopening. 

Regardless of the specific timing, you have a business to prepare for reopening, and we’ve prepared a list of ideas to consider before doing so.  Save these articles and use them as a guide to help kickstart your business and get back on the road to success.  


  • Call or email and let us know of your new opening date. This will allow us more time to ensure we have the supplies you need for opening day. The supply chain may have been disrupted for certain products, so you may experience longer lead times than you are used to. 

  • Our catalog of goods is constantly evolving, so there are items that may have been replaced since your last order, and many new items have been added. If you need help locating new items and adjusting your shopping list, contact us for help 24/7.

  • Many new features and improvements have been rolled out in the Cheetah App, including better visibility and scheduling for delivery windows. Be sure you’ve downloaded the latest version of our app.

Your Restaurant Facility

  • Is everything working?  Check your ovens, refrigerators, plumbing, and computers/network.  These are core to your business and if they have been turned off for a while, they may not come back on easily.  Servicing your appliances may take longer than usual, so give yourself plenty of time.

  • Dining room restrictions are going to be in place for months to come. Consider a new floor plan that will adhere to the health orders while maintaining enough seats to stay in business.

  • If you do not already offer reservations, consider adding online reservations to ensure appointments for tables are kept and are spaced out properly. OpenTable launched their “OpenDoor” program which offers flexible plans for casual restaurants and free subscriptions through the end of 2020.

Once you have your facility and supplies in good working order, it’s on to the next reopening tasks. Stay tuned for our next installments on menu planning, re-engaging your employees, and how to get the word out about your reopening.

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