The Best Disposable Restaurant Supplies for Surging Demand

The Best Disposable Restaurant Supplies for Surging Demand

Disposable restaurant supplies are part of critical inventory used by every restaurant, food-truck and caterer on a daily basis. They include everything from back-of-house supplies like gloves and containers, to customer-facing single use-items like takeout packaging, utensils, napkins, and straws. 

Although supply chains have barely recovered from two years of disruption, demand for disposable restaurant supplies continues to surge with the delivery boom. This has inflated prices and made disposables hard to come by.

To secure supplies with confidence, restaurants are turning to Cheetah for a wide variety of traditional and eco-disposables at competitive prices.

Consumers Willing to Pay More for Eco Friendly Disposable Restaurant Supplies

Supply chain disruptions, coupled with the unprecedented use of gloves and masks, and the 130% increase in take-out and delivery orders, have caused a packaging shortage. Since restaurant owners are reluctant to let orders go unfulfilled. This means an overall increase in disposable costs that needs to be absorbed by the restaurant. 

To this end, a recent survey conducted by McKinsey & Company revealed that not only do consumers care about the environmental impact of disposables, but they are willing to pay more for sustainable packaging and single-use items. 

Restaurant owners can now choose eco-friendly PPE and packaging, while confidently passing along the additional cost to conscious consumers. 

How Disposable Restaurant Supplies Can Increase Profits

The global trends towards healthier eating and waste reduction are an opportunity for restaurateurs to not only do good for the planet, but also profit while doing so. Compostable containers, for example, are in high demand by consumers, and offering them at a premium is now common. 

Cheetah offers a variety of disposable restaurant supplies to suit every type of restaurant. 

BOH Disposables for Increased Hygiene and Retention

Particularly during the pandemic, providing high quality disposable sanitary products to back-of-house staff is an absolute necessity. This is both for food safety, but also for personal health. 

Restaurant employees are in high demand at the moment. And when it comes to choosing their place of work, having access to PPE is definitely one of the top criteria. Proper products will therefore help with hiring and increase retention as staff realize that operators are taking all the measures required to keep them safe.

Cheetah provides a variety of critical disposables and detergents for the protection of food-service workers. 

  • Gloves – vitrile, vinyl, neoprene and poly LPDE gloves for various uses, including latex free options. 
  • PPE – a variety of hairnets and aprons, face masks and more. 
  • Wrapping – baking liners, plastic wrap, foil, and colorful food wrapping options
  • Detergents – for those frequently used areas like the delivery pickup counter. 

The Cheetah Advantage

Having a reliable supplier is vital for every restaurant operating in these uncertain times. Unlike major broadline distributors, with Cheetah you get a guarantee of service.

Over 3,000 restaurants choose Cheetah because we understand their needs and offer a unique set of unbeatable advantages. Here are some of them:

  • Send in orders until midnight and get your supplies the next-day. 
  • Place orders as big or as small as needed. There are no minimums. 
  • Thanks to our out-of-stock guarantee and excellent return policy, all unexpected circumstances are covered for.  
  • Convenient delivery six days per week.. This means you get ultimate flexibility to manage stock as demands change, and our full-time drivers and staff get well deserved rest. 
  • Drop offs are perfectly timed within 6-hour delivery windows. Cheetah Plus members can get even more precise with a guaranteed 3-hour delivery window. 

We operate with transparent pricing, for anyone to see on our app, with zero hidden fees. What you see is what you get, and what you get is 15-20% cheaper than mainstream distributors. 

And because we understand that a restaurant is a living, breathing business, our live customer service agents are available 24/7. In other words, with Cheetah you’ll never worry about having enough disposables again.

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