Best Sales Enablement Solution for Foodservice Teams

Best Sales Enablement Solution for Foodservice Teams

Whether you’re managing a high-volume distributing operation, or a wholesale warehouse, chances are your sales reps are wasting time and losing money on poor prospects. On average, 50% of all sales calls end with no results. That means that half of your investment in a sales rep salary has zero ROI.

There are many reasons why sales reps fail to generate as much profit as you’d hope. Even if you have the most dedicated and hardworking team, poor training and unequipped reps is bound to result in losses.

The solution is sales enablement.

In the B2C market, high customer demands have been driving personalization for years. Most companies today are using AI-powered tools and software to create personalized customer experiences that guarantee results.

The same sales enablement tools are now making their way into the B2B market. In fact, over the last five years, sales enablement functions have seen a 343% increase in adoption. This is no longer a trend, but a must-have function for companies looking to survive in today’s competitive market.

In this article, we look at what sales enablement is and why it is vital to help your company increase win rates, improve customer satisfaction, and accelerate revenue.

What Is Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement is any function that helps a rep turn a lead into a customer. To recognize opportunities and then guide a buyer through a successful customer journey, sales reps need data and insight, customer-facing content and tools.

This helps sales reps in three key aspects:

  • Understanding who the ideal customer is
  • Better mapping the buyer’s journey
  • Having access to resources customers actually need and want throughout the journey

Sales enablement tools are designed to help sales teams detect inconsistent buying patterns. These can be anything from fact sheets, industry-specific case studies, interactive sales scripts and plays, comparison tables or AI-powered sales growth software.

If sales teams have information about who is buying what and when, they can better predict what customers want and when they want it. Understanding customers and being able to act on that information is the key to developing personalized relationships, enhance customer retention and sell bigger and smarter.

3 Immediate Benefits of Sales Enablement

If you’re still unconvinced, here are 3 immediate benefits to sales enablement tools.

1. Spend time and resources where it matters most

Identifying the most granular levels of customer white space gives sales reps insight into revenue and margin leaks. Knowing what to sell, when and where will help ensure that resources are consistently and optimally utilised. This will have an immediate effect on your ROI.

2. Streamline customers’ orders

Customers today are demanding a speedy, streamlined, easy-to-navigate buying process. Writing orders more quickly, resubmitting previous orders automatically, updating customer carts remotely, increasing basket size and more are all part of a smooth customer journey. Once you free up sales reps’ time for more profitable activities and a consultative approach you’ll see a significant increase in customer satisfaction, win rates and revenue.

3. Create personalized customer experiences

Suggesting the right product to customers at the right time is one of the building blocks of personalized customer experiences. Being able to analyze purchase behaviors and similar customers helps sales reps to develop an intimate relationship with multiple customers, and to generate polished, error-free proposals, shorten the sales cycle and ensure customer retention.

Cheetah Helps Time-Strapped Teams Sell More

cheetah app

After investing millions of dollars and thousands of hours in developing our technology to serve our own customers in San Francisco and the Bay Area, Cheetah is eager to share our cutting-edge platform with other distributors.

The industry is hungry for technology that helps sales teams detect and leverage new opportunities and most companies are already exploring sales enablement solutions.

While building your own platform is possible, partnering with Cheetah will enable you to upgrade your business operations by a fraction of the cost and enjoy a tested solution that is guaranteed to help sales teams meet your critical growth goals.

With Cheetah, your sales team will have confidence in every meeting. Our actionable insights equip your team with the knowledge they need to identify customer behavior changes as soon as they occur. This means they’ll stay alerted and be more proactive by contacting flagged customers with personalized and tailored promotional cross-sell and up-sell offers.

Get in touch today to give your sales reps everything they need to focus on the tasks that really matter – closing deals.

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