Empower Your Sales Team with Cheetah’s Food Distributor Tech

Empower Your Sales Team with Cheetah’s Food Distributor Tech

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When food distributors think about transitioning to e-commerce they usually imagine some state-of-the-art robot coming in to replace their experienced and reliable sales team. In reality, having robots completely replace people is not actually possible. At least, it’s not advisable! Some things will always require a human touch and one of these things is a sales team, particularly when it comes to food.  

Sales technology for food distributors could never completely replace the sales team. What it can do is enhance it and give teams the tools they need to increase sales and offer a much better customer experience at minimum cost.

When Cheetah created its successful sales platform, we made sure it was specially made to cater to the needs of a small food distributor. Along our journey, we realized the real value of e-commerce technology eventually comes down to being able to easily access the right data at the right time.

Through our platform, we are able to provide our customers with a seamless shopping experience. More than that, our sales team can effectively collect and analyze data about restaurants and other customers we work with, which enables them to stay in tune with customers and drive sales while staying ahead of the competition.

Want to know what this food distributor e-commerce platform can do for your sales team? Here are 3 ways it is guaranteed to enhance performance.

#1 - Never Miss a Sales Opportunity

Friction in the customer journey can lead to incomplete transactions. A good sales platform will decrease friction for most customers and free up your sales team to assist those who need more help. A very good platform will track this journey so your team can identify those customers and step in to close the deal.

Once a purchase is made, automation steps in to create a seamless experience. With Cheetah, you minimize the chances of human error or delays, freeing up your sales team to focus on driving sales by automating the administrative tasks such as in-app ordering (and reordering), refunds, credits, invoicing and collections.

Giving your customers access to order tracking means your customers are never left waiting and wondering or calling your office for updates. Happier customers who always know where they stand and can easily reorder will return to you again and again.

#2 - Create Personalized Customer Experiences

A good customer journey involves advancing from lead, to repeat customer, to promoter. To do this, you must continuously offer customers value. Collecting and tracking data allows food distributor sales teams to get to know each customers’ preferences, needs and habits so they can curate a personalized experience that’s perfect for them.

Online, customers get easy ordering the way they expect while you get reliable data you can turn into actionable insights. With these, your sales team can:

  • What they need, when they need it – Our recommendation system looks at past behavior of customers from the same cuisine type, empowering sales teams to give customers the best advice and assist decision making. This shows them you are there for them. It also enables targeting the right products to the right customers at the right time which drives uptake of new product lines and increases opportunities for up-selling.
  • Incentivize loyalty – Knowing exactly what your customers usually order and when, your team can predict the optimal timing to touch base with them to make the sale. Easy ordering for your customers = repeat customers for you!
  • Offer membership plans – Cheetah let you design your membership plan, charging a recurring revenue in exchange for benefits tailored to loyal customers such as free deliveries, rebates, etc. Your choice!
  • Make referrals easier – When it’s time for your customer to refer others, our platform have built-in sharing and attribution capabilities and even allows distributors to create custom rewards to increase referrals.
  • Offer support anywhere – If anything happens, let you customers reach your support through the app if they want to.

#3 - Offer Actionable Data for Your Sales Team

With the breadth and depth of Cheetah’s platform, your sales team will have a throve of data to empower their actions at every step of the customer journey. 

The platform is easy and simple, enabling sales teams to better target consumers on the spot or compare between accounts. This means they can easily detect and reward those customers who are likely to be the most profitable, loyal, or who have the highest average purchase value.

It also means that when it’s time to act, your sales reps will be able to even update their customers’ carts remotely driving upsell and customer satisfaction.  

As food suppliers ourselves, we know how important it is to drive new business while maintaining high customer satisfaction rates. From experience (our successul Bay Area pilot is still alive and well) we can tell you that what customers crave most of all is for you to make their lives just a little bit easier. This is what Cheetah’s e-commerce platform guarantees both you and your customers.

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