Still Here: Adam’s Grub Truck Outrageously Delicious Sandwiches

Still Here: Adam’s Grub Truck Outrageously Delicious Sandwiches

If there’s one thing every SF foodie was thankful for during Covid-19 it’s the outrageously delicious sandwiches at Adam’s Grub Truck

Like the unstoppable Kraken, this food truck continued taking delivery as well as takeout orders on selected street corners around San Francisco, private and corporate events, and catering affairs throughout the pandemic, all while keeping employees and hungry customers safe from germs.

After years of working with Adam W. Lee, founder of one of the Bay Area’s most colorful, deplorable food trucks, we’re happy to finally share the story of his creativity and resilience.

A Whole Lotta Supplies for a Whole Lotta Flavor

You don’t usually hear about Asian flavors and good old American comfort food fusion, but this blend simply works for Adam’s Grub Truck. The sizing is more than generous, making this one of the food trucks where customers get the most bang for their buck.

Almost everything on the menu is knee-buckling food. From the crunchy waffle nachos to the show-stopping Kraken made up of two fried soft-shell crabs, smoked bacon, pickled ginger, avocado wasabi, bacon, roasted seaweed covered in Asian slaw and Sriracha on a toasted brioche bun. Now that’s a mouthful.

For those who aren’t up for the challenging Kraken, the Falcor, Drunken Master, and Hashasaurus Fries all make hearty snacks easily shared by two.

As you can imagine, dozens of ingredients go into each menu item – from the “small” eats to the monstrous sandwiches. To make that happen, Adam’s Grub Truck needs a reliable wholesale food supplier with next-day delivery, and we at Cheetah are happy to rise to the challenge.

Whether it’s the Applewood smoked bacon, soft shell crabs, muenster cheese, Asian slaw or Tapatio sauce, we supply Adam’s Grub Truck with all the meat and poultry, seafood, dairy, produce, pantry staples, and specialty and ethnic products they need to cook up those fantastical sandwiches.

Once Upon a Time In San Francisco

As a kid, Adam was entirely enchanted by the imaginary world of classic movies, fantasy games, and basically anything that had a hint of adventure in it. When he started the mobile food truck in 2011, it was a dream come true: a platform that combines mouthwatering food and the imaginary world of his childhood.

Since then, Adam has never stopped coming up with new creations. From the fantastic dragons on the truck’s exterior to crazy new Chinese-American combos or the Ultimate Adam Bomb Challenge (free T-shirt if you finish in under 30 minutes, good luck), you never know what to expect. But whatever it is, you know it’s going to be fun and irresistibly delicious.

Follow Adam’s Grub Truck on Facebook to see what they come up with next.

The Fantastic World of Mobile Eateries

Running a food truck can be a rollercoaster. Although it is a cost-effective and relatively simple way for first-time food entrepreneurs to start a business, it’s still not for the faint of heart.

No doubt, Adam’s never-quit attitude and pure joy in feeding hungry customers are what kept him going all these years. But it’s also the flexibility and imaginative quality that characterizes the food truck industry as a whole that allowed it to flourish amid a pandemic.

Covid-19 may have closed the door on big city lunch crowds, but it opened the window to takeout and delivery, local neighborhood events, and a more community-focused service.

Adam’s Grub Truck was wise to take advantage of the new revenue streams available to food trucks, including partnering with third-party delivery apps like JoyRun, DoorDash, UberEats and more. To keep people safe, customers can order via the contactless outdoor kiosk or order ahead through the website (powered by Storefront) and get notified when their food is ready.

Adam’s Grub Truck did everything it could to continue to provide fresh, fast, unique, and innovative food creations to Bay Area diners, even expanding to reach more suburban areas.

This is what we love about working with food trucks. We provide them with supplies, and they turn it into delightful food that brings people together at the best and worst of times.

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