4 Healthy Summer Beverages Your Customers Crave – Adaptogens, CBD, Herbs, Probiotics and more!

Drink Trends, Beverage Trends, Healthy probiotics and more!

4 Healthy Summer Beverages Your Customers Crave – Adaptogens, CBD, Herbs, Probiotics and more!

Sunny summer days are great for showcasing your selection of unique, local, and refreshing summer drinks! It’s 2022- customers want to choose a drink that’s more than sugar and flavor- they want a drink that works for them. 

Here is our array of the hottest summer beverages to stock up on to delight your overheated customers. From pre- and pro-biotic, to clean caffeine, to cbd-infused, these beverages will help you increase your profit and stay on-trend with Bay Area consumers!

Taika is a local beverage with adaptogens, caffeine, and plenty of taste - great coffee substitute

Taika – people want to stay energized through their hot summer days. Taika brings clean caffeine to the forefront, offering a chilly and delicious ‘coffee’ alternative. Winner of BevNet’s ‘Best New Product of 2021’, Taika is the creamy, energizing drink that will leave you feeling balanced and bright!

Ditch the jittery, anxiety-inducing effects of typical caffeinated beverages! Taika offers what they call the ‘perfectly calibrated coffee beverage’ balanced by adaptogens and mushrooms. With rich flavors like matcha and macadamia milk, these small drinks are stellar for any cafe, coffee shop, or anywhere someone might come for a boost!

Kombucha continues to be a hot beverage trend in the bay area. Probiotics, prebiotics, and a little bit of alcohol

Marin Kombucha – buying and supporting local is a consumer trend continuing to rise! Carrying Marin Kombucha is your solution to integrating top-quality, local beverages into your menu.

As described by the founders: “Marin Kombucha is uniquely brewed in small batches with locally sourced, organic ingredients. During the fermentation process, we oak age the Kombucha to enhance its unique flavor profile and healing properties: probiotics, antioxidants, and detoxifying organic acids”. Pro Tip: Mark this as locally sourced in your restaurant in order to ask for a price point that will help your bottom line!

Wildwonder – this pre- and pro-biotic sparkling bev is more unique than your average kombucha. They report that their drinks are the ultimate solution to real gut health. “Wildwonder‘s the first drink that combines the two crucial components of a healthy gut – live probiotics and prebiotic fiber, supported by functional herbs and luscious fruits for a delicious and holistic approach to gut health.”

At only 6 grams of sugar per can, these crisp bevies are exactly what your sugar conscious and low-cal lovers will crave!

Vybes has CBD, Adaptogens, and numerous other healthy ingredients to help you wind down and cool off this summer

Vybes – Summer days can be long and at the end of the day most of your customers will be looking forward to beverages that’ll help them calm down and cool off, both in mind and body. Vybes masterfully brews 25mg of clean CBD into each of their cold drinks. 

What do we mean by “clean” CBD?  Here’s how Vybes describes it: “Our CBD beverages are made with CBD isolate, the purest, most potent form of CBD. Only CBD isolate can guarantee a consistent cannabinoid profile across all of our CBD beverages.”

With summer flavors such as Blood Orange Lime and Passionfruit Pineapple hitting shelves, these CBD drinks offer quite an experience! More than a refreshing drink to chug down, these adaptogen-enhanced and CBD-infused drinks are going to be heavy hitters this summer for those looking for a refreshing unwind.

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