Time is Money (and Happiness) – How Cheetah Gave a Restaurant Owner Peace of Mind

Time is Money (and Happiness) – How Cheetah Gave a Restaurant Owner Peace of Mind

Opening a restaurant is a labor of love. For all of the capital required to open a business, it takes just as much hard work and time. One of the most laborious tasks when running a restaurant is sourcing supplies and ingredients. Working with food distributors or shopping for wholesale restaurant supplies yourself can eat away at whatever free time you have.

Laetitia Verdeaux always loved making food for people, especially for friends and family. In June 2012, she took the plunge and started Crêpe-Madame. She was on her way to spreading crepe filled joy throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. While she became one of the lucky few that was able to do what she loved, she found she was losing a lot of time (and energy) shopping for supplies at the local Restaurant Depot. “Long lines, I had to push two huge carts,” shares Verdeaux, “it was just exhausting and physically draining. It was hard.” 

Then she took a call from Cheetah, the restaurant supply delivery service that allows customers to order directly from an app on their phones. What once took countless hours every week could now be accomplished in minutes. “A little finger click, boom, boom, done!” explains Verdeaux when discussing her ordering process. With Cheetah, customers are able to create a custom shopping list so all of their wholesale food supplies are in one easy to find place. They are able to reorder the same products from a previous delivery with just a couple taps of the finger. “Cheetah records your past items so you just go back to it… it cuts down time.” 

Cheetah helped Verdeaux regain some work/life balance. What does she do with the time she’s gotten back? “I can focus on myself, my well being,” says Verdeaux. “I have time to go to yoga… I can actually eat!” 

Watch the video below to hear how Cheetah helped Laetitia and her business, straight from the Crêpe Madame’s mouth. 


About Crêpe-Madame 

Crêpe-Madame is a on-site catering company serving San Francisco and the greater Bay Area since 2012. Inspired by Bretagne, home of the most delicious crêpes in all of France, owner Laetitia Verdeaux founded Crêpe-Madame out of her love of bringing people together over heavenly food. Specializing in corporate events, Crêpe-Madame also caters a wide array of events including weddings, holiday parties, baby showers, birthdays, graduations, festivals, charity and non-profit events. Whatever your occasion may be, with Crêpe-Madame, your event is sure to be an exquisite and memorable experience! 

About Cheetah 

Headquartered in San Francisco, Cheetah is a startup that is quickly disrupting the $1 trillion US wholesale grocery and foodservice distribution industry. By offering flexible, next-day deliveries as well as transparent pricing and inventory in an easy-to-use app, Cheetah is helping support thousands of SMB restaurants with their grocery and supply needs in San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Los Angeles, Anaheim, Seattle, and Dallas. Cheetah has made more than 150,000 deliveries to over 2,000 active customers and has achieved over $100 million in annual sales with triple digit growth. Next up – turbo charging growth by bringing Cheetah to small businesses nationwide. 

Interested in more details? See our website, download our iOS and Android apps, or call us at 1 (800) 571-5231.


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