Zareen’s Celebrates 1,000 Orders with Cheetah

Zareen’s Celebrates 1,000 Orders with Cheetah

As the 1000th anniversary with one of our favorite customers is approaching, we decided it’s time for a proper introduction!

Meet Zareen’s, a Palo Alto restaurant that gives a new kick to the classic Pakistani & Indian cuisine. Zareen’s has been a Cheetah customer for the past 5 years.

Over time, we learned that we share the same values of using fresh quality foods and giving to the community – that’s where our relationship started and that’s what it continues to build on.

To celebrate our exciting anniversary, this is the inspiring story of Zareen’s and the people behind it.

Zareen Kahn’s Mission to Change the Indian/Pakistani Food Experience

When Zareen Khan’s family first arrived in the US from Karachi, Bombay and Punjab, she couldn’t wait to teach the Bay Area what Indian/Pakistani food really tastes like.

In 2010, she started Curry Village Foods, a catering company that supplies Indian/Pakistani food for homes and corporations. She was a pioneer of cooking Indian/Pakistani food with no preservatives and artificial flavorings – just fresh ingredients and humanely raised meats, such as the items supplied by Cheetah.

It didn’t take her long to set up the first location of Zareen’s, which she opened in 2014 in Mountain View, CA. Zareen’s dream was to create an unforgettable dining experience inspired by the food her family brought from the homeland.

The reviews Zareen’s got right after opening were so good that she decided to open a second location in Palo Alto just two years later. The third location added to Zareen’s exquisite line of Indian/Pakistani restaurants was recently opened in Redwood City in October 2020 – and is giving a hell of a fight to COVID-19.

Authentic Food Cooked with Love

Zareen pours her heart and soul into every dish she makes. In Zareen’s, the dining experience is more than just good food.

Zareen’s food is all based on authentic recipes that were handed down from mother to daughter for generations until they found their way to Zareen’s kitchen and the customers’ tummies. That’s why you won’t find the Chicken Momoni Samosas anywhere else – a recipe known only to a select group of grandmothers in the whole world and Zareen’s grandmother is one of them.

Zareen’s loyal customers can’t get enough of the scrumptious chicken tikka masala, flavorful lamb gosht and garlic naan, which they wash down with a hot chai tea or a delicious mango lassi. Zareen’s food is not just tasty and satisfying, it also offers a worthy alternative to what Americans consider Indian/Pakistani food.

COVID-19 Can’t Stop Zareen’s

All 3 of Zareen’s locations are currently open for both indoor and outdoor dining as well as for takeout and delivery. Reviews tell of an efficient takeout process of ordering online, get notified by text when their food is already, and enjoying an experience just as delicious as in the restaurant.

Other than takeout and delivery, Zareen’s also offers frozen meal deliveries of the restaurant’s most favored dishes. On the restaurant’s website you can find instructions on how to properly cook the meals at home so customers can enjoy the Zareen’s experience from the comfort of their own home.

As for indoor dining, Zareen’s is doing everything to ensure the health and safety of both diners and staff. Besides masks and gloves for all employees, Zareen’s also offers contactless payment, electronic receipts and outdoor tables that are 6 feet apart.

When you visit the restaurant, be sure to share your experience on Instagram using the #keepcalmandcurryon hashtag.

Zareen’s There For the Community

One of the biggest problems for restaurants is a high turnover rate, especially in areas where rent is through the roof. As a solution, in 2017, Zareen purchased a 3 bedroom home in Menlo Park for almost $1 million and started renting the rooms out to her employees for just $500 a month. It was the perfect solution to help her employees while giving a boost to her business.

In celebration of opening the third location in Redwood City, Zareen’s promised to donate $12 thousand to charity. When visiting the restaurant’s website, people can choose one charity out of the 7 Zareen’s donates to. The top 3 charities will each receive a $4,000 donation.

What's Next for Zareen's

As the restaurant industry is hurting, Zareen’s is doing everything it can to keep afloat and to support as many people as possible along the way. 

With a takeout and delivery operation in place, employee housing solution and continuous contributions to the community, Zareen seems to know exactly what she’s doing. 

Even with a Michelin Guide under its belt, Zareen’s still continues to surprise us time and time again with  crispy, well-spiced, dangerously delicious dishes. We can’t wait to see what new twists she puts on traditional recipes. 

To learn more and for online orders visit Zareen’s website: or follow them on Instagram @zareensrestaurant

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