Cheetah Coalition

Introducing the Cheetah Coalition

Hand-selected business services to help your restaurant thrive

The following “menu” is a roster of solutions that have helped thousands of businesses such as yours. From visibility into your costs and spend, to bringing more guests in the door, and simple ways to keep them coming back for more!

We vetted these partners for you so you can focus on your menu and the guest experience. Best of all, Cheetah Plus members get access to exclusive discounts in the form of credits!

Explore the current options below and stay tuned as we look to continue expanding our “menu.”

Menu of partners

Website design & Social Media management

240Group can create a top-notch website for your restaurant and manage your social media presence and online reviews.

$100 credit back for Cheetah Plus members

Customer loyalty programs

Tapmango can provide a custom-made loyalty program for your restaurant, so your customers get an extra incentive to come back.

10% off all services for Cheetah Plus members

Spend management tools

PlateIQ lets you track historical prices from all of your suppliers, across all your locations. Setup alerts for when prices go up.

10% off Base Platform for Cheetah Plus members

Online ordering & Menu management

OpenMenu is the industry-leading restaurant menu management platform allowing restaurant operators to control their menu from the ground up.

10% off on paid services for Cheetah Plus members

Custom apparel and promotions

Inkmule can design and produce one-of-a-kind apparel and branded products for your customers (and staff) - add an entirely new revenue stream to your bottom line!

10% off all services for Cheetah Plus members


Poached is the nation's #1 jobs marketplace solely focused on the hospitality industry. Whether you need to fill a shift or make a full-time hire, Poached can solve any staffing need.

10% off all services for Cheetah Plus members

More to come - stay tuned!

Cheetah Plus members get these discounts on partners and more benefits: credit back on purchases, 3-hour delivery windows, same-day will call and more.

$99/month flat

Join Cheetah Plus to receive the credits back from Cheetah Coalition partners and enjoy other benefits!

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