[SaaS] Demand Planning

Optimize your inventory to increase your profits.

Automate your business's demand forecasting with Cheetah Demand Planning - powered by artificial intelligence. Our tool utilizes historical data, current trends, seasonality, and more to ensure your shelves remain stocked without product ending up in the dumpster or on the clearance rack.

Achieve metrics like these


% Weighted In-Stock


% Shrinkage reduction


% increase in Turns

Demand Planning Done Right

Input Your Inventory to Cheetah

You can either connect your inventory system or upload data manually via Excel file or CSV. 

Know what your customers will buy...

… before they do! Our system forecasts the demand for your products and for your customers.

Never overbuy or underbuy again.

By knowing your future demand, you can order in advance and just what sells. 

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Cheetah's Demand Planning Tool is great for


Optimize your markdown schedule based your future demand.


Maximize your shelf and storage space, only holding inventory that will sell.


Reduce shrinkage and waste drastically by only purchasing what will sell.

Improve your operation's efficiency

We invested millions of dollars and thousands of hours to develop our technology to serve our own customers in San Francisco and the Bay Area. Now we’re offering our tested solution to other companies. You know you need to elevate your game, now you need to decide if you will build it yourself or partner with Cheetah. 

By choosing Cheetah Technology, you can upgrade your business operations by a fraction of the cost to build it in-house. Learn more about our Complete Software Suite