[SaaS] Digital Catalog

Make it Easier for Buyers to Place Orders Online

Cheetah’s digital catalog lets your customers easily discover, browse, and purchase products

Achieve metrics like these

% of the buying process occurs before a buyer engages with sales​
% of buyers research online before making a purchase
% of buyers want to complete their purchase online

Let your customers order how they want, when they want

Streamline customers' Orders

Your sales reps can write orders more quickly and resubmit previous orders automatically, freeing their time for more profitable activities.

Suggest the Right Product to Customers

Your sales reps can detect which are the products their customers should buy, based on cuisine types and purchase behaviors from other similar customers.

Update Customers' Carts Remotely

Your sales team can shift to a more consultative approach and place items into their customers’ carts remotely, increasing basket sizes.

Cheetah can improve your team’s performance, allowing each rep to manage more accounts.
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Improve your revenue with less overhead

We invested millions of dollars and thousands of hours to develop our technology to serve our own customers in San Francisco and the Bay Area. Now we’re offering our tested solution to other distributors. You know you need to elevate your game, now you need to decide if you will build it yourself or partner with Cheetah. 

By choosing Cheetah Technology, you can upgrade your business operations by a fraction of the cost to build it in-house. Your sales team will be able improve their performance while minimizing in-person meetings.

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