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Thousands of restaurants in San Francisco and the Bay Area rely on Cheetah to power their businesses with food supplies.

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See why thousands of restaurants in San Francisco and the Bay Area have switched to Cheetah as their main food distributor​.


Aren’t you tired of spending your time haggling and negotiating prices with your broadline distributor? What about when they increase prices behind your back? Don’t forget that, unlike Cheetah, other broadliner’s reps make a commission on you! Try a new and honest way to get your restaurant supplies with Cheetah.


Do you like going to a warehouse at 6:00 AM and spending 4 hours there every week? Have you calculated the time and money you spend by going to a warehouse to purchase your restaurant supplies? Cheetah delivers for you 6 days a week and within 3-hour windows.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I see your product selection?

The best way to see our products is by downloading our free app for iOS or Android. You can see our products, prices, no obligations or strings attached.

You can also take a look at our new web product catalog.

Why should I change my current distributor?

The biggest reason is that we are partners you can trust. For starters, we have transparent pricing and we will never jack up prices behind your back or overcharge you just because you’re not aware. Additionally, we have unmatched customer service, out of stock guarantee, and a great return policy. Learn how we compare to other distributors.

How do you set your prices?

Our mission is to help you thrive. We understand that an honest relationship with our customers is paramount for your success. That being said, we are transparent about our prices. You pay the price you see on our app and the same as everyone else. No haggling,  no shenanigans. Learn more about our commitment to be your Honest Restaurant Supplier. It also helps that we are 15-20% cheaper than mainstream distributors.

Do you offer any membership?

Absolutely! Ordering your supplies from Cheetah can be more rewarding when you join Cheetah Plus. As a member you earn credit back on all purchases, have 3-hour delivery windows, have 4 small delivery passes, same-day will call and much more. Check out what Cheetah Plus offers.

Can I have Cheetah delivered to my home?

Yes! Check out Shop for Families to learn more about how Cheetah can deliver to your home.

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