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With Cheetah you can buy the same restaurant-quality ingredients trusted by your local favorites - all at wholesale prices.

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How Cheetah works

how cheetah works
how cheetah works

Check out some of our wholesale pricing

Large White Eggs
$1.49/12 ct
$1.14/3 lb
Rosie Organic Chicken
Mexican Fiesta Pack
$24.69/24 x 12 fl oz

* prices are subject to change on market prices.

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Can you deliver this to my house?

Yes! We offer delivery to the Bay Area, free of charge for orders above $750. 

What are your operating hours?

Deliveries are available Monday-Saturday 7am-6pm. Our Support Team is available 24/7 and always eager to help.

How can I see your product selection?

To see all of our products, download the free Cheetah app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. Feel free to browse around- no obligation or strings attached.

I don’t need such large quantities, can I order smaller quantities?

While many of our restaurant-quality items are sold in restaurant quantities, you may find some items that are sold as smaller sizes.  If you need help location a particular item, please reach out to our Support team so we may assist.

Can I share a big order with friends? 

Absolutely! This is what many of our customers do! It’s a smart way to save on groceries.