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Introducing Just in Time! More products than ever are just one click away

With Cheetah's 'Just in Time' (JIT) inventory, you can access a wider assortment of products to be delivered with your regular Cheetah orders. By allowing you to order directly from our local suppliers, we can widen our assortment significantly to fit your specific needs. In the coming weeks, you'll find pre-cut and prepped produce from Daylight Foods as well as a variety of fresh and frozen seafood from Pucci Foods - directly on the Cheetah app!

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Cheetah Play Store

Cheetah Play Store

A Sneak Peek at Some New Items

Pre-cut Produce from Daylight Foods and Specialty Seafood from Pucci

Why You'll Love Just in Time:

Access to high-quality produce.
No time wasted to peel off or cut produce
Zero waste. Use only what you paid for.
As with the rest of products from Cheetah, you have no minimums.

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