The Future of Foodservice Report

Cheetah Report:
The Future of Foodservice

Trends for 2021 and Beyond

Food retailers are just starting to recover from one of the most trying years the foodservice industry has ever seen. 

Continued uncertainty following the COVID-19 pandemic, shifts in consumer behavior, displaced demand from restaurants, mind boggling innovation, new safety and operational challenges and more have all left food retailers struggling to keep up. 

To cope with the dynamic market, business owners and managers are looking for new strategies and solutions. The Future of Foodservice: Trends for 2021 is an answer to those who are seeking insights into what the future holds and how to navigate the uncertain retail foodservice landscape going forward.

What's inside?

Understanding what’s next in food retailing and retail foodservice, let alone getting ahead of it, is a challenging proposition with many layers.

This is why we start by answering some of the more pressing questions of the time, like:

  • What long-term effects will the COVID-19 pandemic have on the foodservice industry?
  • How can companies across all steps in the value chain, including farmers, food distributors, producers, consumer- and packaged-goods companies, and retailers better prepare for the challenges ahead?
  • Will the long-term shift in consumer spending and behavior change the way foodservice providers do business, and if so, what do managers need to know to prepare?
  • What will be the leading food trends for 2021?
  • How are innovation, digitization and demand planning systems changing foodservice business models and operations?  

After getting the big IFs and WHYs out of the way, we help you turn insight into action with demand planning.

Demand planning and forecasting is one of the few things that can give foodservice businesses a competitive edge in 2021. 

In an industry known for its fierce competition, tight profit margins, perishable products, and cumbersome regulation, intelligent demand planning tools can help businesses accurately forecast sales and reliably order the right product for their future customer demand. Read more to learn how it works.

Is Your Business Ready for What's Next?

Most business owners today know that the right demand planning platform is the most effective way for manufacturers, suppliers, restaurants, and other food providers to optimize inventory to increase profits. By knowing future demand, businesses can order in advance and just what sells.

Unfortunately, small to medium-sized suppliers and restaurateurs are often concerned about the transition to demand planning. It seems too techie or too expensive, so they give up on this opportunity to compete with the big corporations who are quickly taking over the market.

With Cheetah, businesses have an easy-to-use demand planning solution they can actually afford.

By utilizing a unique combination of decades of supply chain management experience, advanced technology, and state-of-the-art data science, Cheetah was able to create a proprietary model that allows us to help businesses of all kinds to plan purchasing accurately.

Give us a call to see what our demand planning platform can do for your business!

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