Introducing Aussie Select – Restaurant Profit Through Innovation – Cheetah Webinar Series [S1E1]

Introducing Aussie Select Lamb Products

Restaurant Profit Through Innovation Webinar Series - S1E1 - 18/01/2022

In this first episode of our Restaurant Profit Through Innovation Webinar Series, we introduce to the San Francisco Bay Area Aussie Select specialty charcuterie made from 100% pasture-raise Australian lamb. You will know more about the products, tips on how to smartly incorporate it into your restaurant menus, and how they can be used to drive more business and increase your operation profitability.

What's in the Webinar?

In this free 30-minutes webinar we’ll cover key considerations for restaurant operators:

  1. Trends for the market – by Maeve Webster from Menu Matters
  2. Demo of Aussie Select first three innovative products by Jacklyn Glatzer from Aussie Select
  3. Presentations of plates utilizing Aussie Select products by Chef Nate Lopez from Cheetah Culinary TeamĀ 

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