Want to save on supplies? join the club.

No, really, we made a club.

Introducing Cheetah Plus

$99/month flat


With a Cheetah Plus membership, you get to bypass delivery fees and save with every purchase.

The Cheetah app must be installed to register

1% credit back on monthly spend under $20k

That’s up to $200 back (or 500 lbs worth of all purpose flour).

2% credit back on monthly spend over $20k

Earn more when you spend more. You get the idea.

3-hour delivery
window reservations

Select your 3-hour delivery window that when you check out.

4 small order delivery passes

We will cover deliveries on orders under $250 once per week.

No credit card fees



Exclusive promotions

Coming soon

Join hundreds of foodservice operators who single-handedly earn back the membership cost when they restock their inventory with Cheetah Plus

Restaurant Supply App

Only in the Cheetah app

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