Guide to Opening a New Restaurant After the Pandemic

How to open a New restaurant after the pandemic

A practical guide to start your restaurant after COVID-19

Despite 2020 (and all that came with it) and despite what most media channels would have you believe, the restaurant industry is far from disappearing.

Throughout history, restaurants have proven to be a model of resilience. Time and time again, including the Great Recession of 2007-2008, restaurants have pulled through. Dining out has always been a great way to socialize and today, more than ever, people are hungry for that human connection.

We prepared this Guide to help entrepreneurs (aspiring or current operators) to consider all aspects around opening a new restaurant in a post-pandemic world. You will get resources, information and considerations you need to get your business going.

Guide to the Restaurant Labor Shortage. Tips for hiring, retaining, and understanding foodservice employees.

What's in the Guide?

In this guide, we’ll cover key considerations for food entrepreneurs:

  1. Is opening a restaurant post pandemic even a good idea?
  2. New restaurateurs, new restaurants
  3. Working with suppliers
    • Commissary kitchens
    • Restaurant POS platforms
    • 3rd party delivery apps
    • Wholesale distributor
  4. 5 questions to ask yourself before opening a restaurant

Inside you’ll find practical tips and checklists to help get your restaurant up and running in these challenging time. 

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For health related questions and information please consult the CDC’s Considerations for Restaurant and Bar Operators.

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