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Cheetah is the world’s first Restaurant Supply App. Restaurants feed the cities, we feed the restaurants. Our goal is to help restaurant owners manage their time better. We take care of their daily supplies so they can invest their precious time in their businesses, families, and hobbies instead of running every morning to buy chicken wings and avocados, and waste hours trying to make sense of piles of paper invoices. They trust us to take care of a critical part of their business, and that’s a lot of responsibility. Responsibility for the food they put on their plates.

We are ambitious and as our name suggests – we run fast. If you have grit, energy and don’t wait for permission to voice your ideas, if you feel that you can keep up with the pace, meet amazing people from all over the world, and learn a ton of new skills along the way, then jump right in!

I love working at Cheetah because of the high coding standards, great people, and office atmosphere. There’s healthy work-life balance and I’m able to make real impact – both in the product and with our customers.
Ido Sofi,
Mobile Team Leader

Having the opportunity to work with visionary leaders who believe in my potential is one of the reasons why I love working at Cheetah. Everyone is working at the same fast pace and there is always room for growth if you work hard.
Yee Mon Oo,
Business Operations Associate

I started working for Cheetah as a driver. I’ve had a chance to do everything in our warehouse operations up through assistant manager. What we do for our customers is unquantifiable and tasting their food when I visit them for lunch is always rewarding!
Martin Salinas,
Warehouse Manager

Working at Cheetah is amazing! I have not only grown professionally but have also developed amazing relationships with my co-workers and gained life long friends. The passion, energy, and enthusiasm is contagious and I feel it every day when I walk through the door.
Karen Wexler,
Sales Manager

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