Sweet Foam Coffee Topper

Sweet Foam Coffee Topper

The innovative Reddi-wip® Barista Series products go way beyond creamer – they transform everyday beverages into delightful treats with no special equipment. One simple step is all it takes to instantly infuse your hot or cold beverages with sweet cream flavor or rich, velvety texture for a café-inspired treat worthy of any coffee shop. Embellish your menu, impress your customers, and enhance your bottom line with these indulgent offerings from Reddi-wip®!

More Than Creamer

So much more than a coffee creamer, Reddi-wip Barista Series takes your beverage program to a whole new level.

Real Ingredients

These artisan coffee creamer alternatives are made with no artificial flavors or sweeteners, and no preservatives.



1. Fill mug with coffee; save room for Reddi-Wip Barista Series!

2. Shake can well 4 times before use, then remove cap.

3. Turn can completely upside down & press nozzle sideways.

4. Rinse nozzle thoroughly with warm water & replace in refrigerator.

Barista Tip: When making multiple beverages, replace the cap and shake between each drink.