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If you are a manufacturer of quality ingredients, prepared products and/or supplies for Foodservice Distribution or Retail Channels (through our “direct to consumer” channel), please complete the attached form entirely and our Category Management team will respond to you within 72 hours.

Since 2015, Cheetah, previously Restaurant Cheetah has been supporting independent restaurants in multiple markets with a broad line of products at a consistent, fair market price.

With our Cheetah Fulfillment Center in Pleasanton, CA, Cheetah serves the greater Bay Area with the most flexibility and consistency of any broadline distributor in the market. With our app-based eCommerce platform, every customer sees and pays the same price allowing our customers to effectively procure goods at a fair price for next day delivery.

Our customer base is vast as we serve a broad base of well over 60 Cuisines Types in our Restaurant Segment, Assisted Living communities, Micro-Kitchens and more. Our Bay Area fulfillment center also serves the local communities through our catalog of products packed for retail.

At Cheetah, we are more focused on making our customers more successful through our supplier partnerships and strive to get our supplier partners closer to the customer. We believe our customers are your customers. Your ability to market and merchandise your goods directly to our customer base through our eCommerce platform allows you to grow your business with Cheetah. Thank you for reaching out and please fill out our contact form.

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